E-Machine A-60
E-Machine A-60L
E-Machine A-120
E-Machine A-120L
XY Workspace:
2×2 ft
2×4 ft
4×4 ft
4×8 ft
Dimension (LxWxH):
2.62×3.28×4.75 ft
2.62 X 5.28 X 4.75 ft
4.77 X 5.48 X 4.75 ft
4.77 X 9.48 X 4.75 ft
Z Axis Travel(mm):
100 (Standard) I 150 (ATC Model – Standard, Standard Model*) I Max. 200*
Control Axes:
3 Axes 3D Control
Bed Type:
Hard anodized aluminum T home bed (Standard) I Portable Vacuum Table* Vacuum Pump•
CNC Features:
Conforms to Standard G code I Real time speed control ( axes, spindle) Simulation mode support I Ethernet Communication
Specification of Spindle:
50,000 rpm One touch tool change (standard) I 60,000 rpm auto tool change• 24,000 rpm power spindle* I 40,000 rpm power spindle*
Dust Chamber:
Coolant unit ( coolant circulation system included) Dus\ charuber Dust collection tank for coolant unit Lift up module for dusl charuber
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